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REcent work...

The following are recent acting projects that I've been involved in. For a more in-depth at my acting work, check out my photo gallery.

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Film: The Briefcase

Girard just finished a short film with director, Taylor Finlay called The Briefcase. Filmed in Newport, RI, The briefcase follows Vito as he attempts to reconstruct events that ultimately lead him to the unexpected and divine.

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Girard Saves the show!

David Girard walked into his uncle's barbershop with an emergency request: He wanted an old-school, government-issue, flat-top haircut. And he needed it immediately.
"Really?" said his uncle. "Why?"
Girard, a veteran local theater presence who is the assistant director of Capital Repertory Theatre's new production, "The Blue-Sky Boys," had just found out he was going to be in the show as well helping direct it.



WAMC's Bob Goepfert writes about Shipwrecked that, "the magic of the production is that actor David Girard who plays Louis Rougemond is so convinced the bizarre events actually happen to him, and we so enjoy sharing them with him...  an enthusiasm that boarders on awe... Girard is magnetic while on stage... It’s a memorable performance"

See Girard and Director David Baecker interview with Dan Basile on WNYT's morning show by clicking below.


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